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KP-08 is the new terminal for attendance and access control endowed with double reading slot imput for MIFARE card and able to check the card permanence - start/end activity times. KP-08 is also able to check up to 3 cards simultaniously thanks to an additional slot. It is particularly suitable for operator and vehicular access control and for detecting multiple operators who are working on the same production machine.

Thanks to its peculiar features, KP-08 terminal can bu used to enable and control production and machines. The authorized operators can insert their card in the reading slot and enable the functioning of the specific machine which will work untill the card is kept inside the slot. In case of specific security issues, it is possible to apply the double reading function card, for both operator and manager. The same features may be used for goods-moving machines, e.g. forklifts.

  • 5,000 transaction storage
  • Graphic, monochrome, back-lit display - 128x64 mm
  • 16 keys keyboard

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