Kronotech, one way, more solutions!


Solutions Kronotech has developed a wide range of solutions to meet all the needs of data collection, security and automation. The offer Kronotech consists of integrated systems that operate with different technologies based on customer requirements and scope, always characterized by a perfect combination of design and functionality, interfaces and user-friendly commands.





Strategies Since the beginning, Kronotech S.r.l. has been able to position itself the market as a company able to provide solutions for every single reality, thanks to a considerable operational flexibility and the ability to easily adapt to technological changes.


Kronotech devices are flexible microcircuits designed to collect, manage and transmit data and information relating to Attendance, Access Control and canteens, survey of production data.

Kronotech S.r.l. offers hundreds of hardware and software components developed with the best technology, modular, integrated, reliable and competitive, both for quality and for the price. Kronotech  products are entirely made in Italy.

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